And though I had slain a thousand foes less one,
The thousandth knife found my liver;
The thousandth enemy said to me,
'Now you shall die,
Now none shall know.'
And the fool, looking down, believed this,
Not seeing, above his shoulders, the naked stars,
Each one remembering.
--John M. Ford, The Final Reflection

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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Chapter 4, Part 1

Chapter 4, Part 1

Aya at Agincourt

The Knight was Tsujimoto Motors’ latest car model, a hybrid of a luxury sports car and an armored carrier for military use. The monstrosity of a vehicle appeared more military vehicle with the two, wide treads at the front and four massive wheels at the back, hydraulic suspension systems meant to allow the vehicle to literally run over anything that gets in the way. The design was sleek, armor plating thick and slanted to be able to give the best protection against projectile weaponry and a roaring lion of an engine. Yet, despite all of the stresses and the unusual assortment of features and the deceptively aerodynamic design, the Knight handled like a dream. It handled corners with no trouble whatsoever, stopped almost instantaneously and it somehow managed to handle the tight streets and cramped junctures of Tokyo. The vehicle was smooth and was probably the safest vehicle on the streets but that thought was of little comfort to the young girl sitting at the passenger seat as it skidded at high speed into a parallel parking spot between a BMW and a Corvette inside the impressive Tsujimoto manor. As the Knight came to a full halt, Yuki’s heart was ready to pound out of her chest. Her stunned look awakened a laugh from the person driving the vehicle: Aya Tsujimoto.

“I sincerely hope that next time we go to your estate, I drive.” Yuki said before catching her breath, her hands gripping tightly, digging into the armrests.

“Oh come now! Where’s your sense of adventure, Yuki?” Aya asked flamboyantly, batting her eyelashes with a grin of mischief and allure on her face.

“I think I lost it the second time you almost ran us into a wall.” She answered.

“I’d thought you’d have realized to throw caution out the window when I almost ran over that girl in Akihabara. She seemed quite afraid, almost as if she’d seen a ghost when we suddenly appeared.”

“I can’t blame her. You almost ran her over in this…this thing!”

“Ah, this thing as you call it is the Knight. An experimental product my father’s company made as part of a contract with the Japanese military for use in overseas operations.” Aya smiled as she leaned back and took hold of the glass of iced chocolate drink – not a drop had spilled during the wild ride – and for a moment, she seemed to relax. “It’s hard to believe that up until just a few decades ago, Japan’s army was strictly a defensive one and that the constitution wouldn’t allow for a female on the Imperial throne.”

“Yes, yes, quite impressive but please tell me that we’re not going through a ride like that again.”

Aya gave a sigh. “I’d thought you one to appreciate how far we’d come. Oh well. Don’t worry; we won’t be driving like that for a few hours. I do have a shortcut back to school I want to try out though.”

“Do you have any sedatives?”

“I think my older brother Jubei has some. Why do you ask?”

“I’d advise you to inject me some before you drive me home.” Yuki said, only partially joking.

Aya chuckled and tapped Yuki’s hand mildly. “Oh fine. We’ll take the limo home then.”

“You won’t be driving?” Yuki asked. When Aya nodded, she breathed easier. “Thank you.”

Yuki had been invited by Aya, the youngest child among the three Tsujimoto children, to visit her at her home, the luxurious estate known as Agincourt. She’d seen very, very little of the grounds because of the radical manner which Aya drove. However, once the Knight had come to a full stop, she noticed that she was in some sort of underground parking facility. There were sports cars and luxury vehicles left and right, from a stretch limousine to a BMW to a Lamborghini Diablo. She also noticed the playing of music in the background, mostly of Western punk rock. She recognized none of them and found them unpleasant to listen to but knew better than to object. The area was rather dark and the shadowy nature of the place was strange. She realized that the entire area was spacious, incredibly open area but the dim light seemed to seep into the stage, making the place seem more cramped and claustrophobic than it actually was. It didn’t sit very well with her and she was thankful as Aya led her by hand to the elevator. As small as the elevator was, it was welcome in comparison to the claustrophobic darkness of the underground parking area.

Aya Tsujimoto was a statuesque, brusque young creature. Her hair was long, the color of red ochre. She reached back and tied the length of it into a traditional bun and letting the rest hang down her back. She had a toned, muscular frame that was slightly bulky. However, her body was structured such that her body was balanced with an hourglass figure. Her shapeliness drew away from the muscles on her arms, legs and thighs so that she appeared very feminine. She had a roughness about her, from the calloused hands to the many small, insignificant blemishes and flaws on her skin. Her athletic frame contrasted Yuki’s slender, seductive build but in her own way, Aya had an intense, sensuous tomboy appeal. Her hazel eyes looked riotous, lively and they lent her appearance a fire, an irrepressible but natural energy that Yuki felt a little contagious. She dressed in simple faded jeans and a loose cream-colored shirt. Even standing still, Yuki could almost taste the smoldering sensuality and passion coming from Aya, the intensity in her eyes all too clear even to a casual observer. There was also slyness in the curve of her fire red lips, something that was both alluring and alarming to Yuki. It took much effort for Yuki not to blush as Aya leaned into her.

“You know, you’re not exactly the first girl I’ve had come over to Agincourt.” Aya said as the ride ended and she stepped out, intentionally swaying her hips flirtatiously for Yuki to see. They were in a dark, narrow corridor. “I live having girls over here. Girls seem to love this place as well. Come, let’s go.”

“Is Agincourt composed mainly of dark corridors and strange underground areas?”

“A fair opinion but you’ve not seen what I’ve to show you.” Aya smiled as she took hold of a door knob and turned it slowly. She stepped aside as she pushed the door open, light suddenly flooding into the hallway and for a moment, Aya could see it was a little much for Yuki’s eyes. “Like what you see?”

Yuki adjusted her eyes to the sudden flood of light to realize the awe-inspiring sight before her. It was an impressive garden, the expanse of which stretched far into the horizon she could see and beyond. It wasn’t something she’d taken in before or imagined she’d be able to take in again. There were growths of vines crawling around the grand marble pillars, massive trees that at springtime would yield a seemingly endless bloom of sakura, an apple orchard and many more wonders of bountiful green. And there, lying in the center of it all was an intricately designed and placed collection of rosebushes. They were the sort that one might have found in the grand courts of Europe but there was something special about it, she could feel it. It took her a while to realize that there was a structure, a pattern that formed from what appeared to be a mere artistic work. There was a form, a shape made by the bushes and as she squinted to get a better look, it slowly came to form before her eyes. The hedges formed the image of two women, wrapped in an embrace.

Aya smiled, experience told her Yuki had seen the special design of the rosebushes. That was one of the many wonders she’d hidden when she designed Agincourt, she thought with a bemused smile. That was just one of the things she’d shown many a girl she’d brought to Agincourt but she was pondering showing Yuki something special. However, she wanted to know just what Yuki’s reactions would be to her multitude of things. Agincourt was designed to be a home for the Tsujimoto children but Aya, in a fit of creativity and wile, transformed it into her personal playground. Every corridor held a prize to behold, every corner possibly keeping from the world a secret. She wasn’t the architect of the main structure or the grounds of Agincourt but she was responsible for the outcome of it. She took pride in the accomplishment, even though she herself understood that she would never be able to surpass it. Not that Agincourt’s many treasures were considered art, Aya understood it just a menagerie of one girl’s wild fancies.

* * *

Ibuki Tsujimoto stood behind one of the many specially designed observation chambers within the grounds of Agincourt. She stood observing her sister Aya and the girl she’d brought with her as a guest. She locked her gaze mainly on the girl she didn’t know, assessing her with her eyes. For a brief moment, Ibuki regretted not having installed some audio equipment so she could hear what they were talking about but she brushed it aside. What mattered most to her was that she could keep an eye on her sister and on the new girl in Aya’s life. She’d watched Aya burned and scarred in the past by her indiscretions and her brash decisions regarding the women in her life and Ibuki found that displeasing. She had not passed judgment on the girl she didn’t know anything of however, keeping an opinion from forming until she could gather more pertinent data. She felt something was special about the girl though, an undefined quality. She resigned herself to watching from behind her secure position, confident that Aya had no idea she was watching.

Ibuki, the older of the two Tsujimoto sisters, had a striking, subtly intimidating presence. Her eyes were the palest possible shade of gray, sinking deep into their sockets and seemed eternally observant of even the smallest details. Her skin was dangerously, deathly pale and her body structure slender, bony. She wore her long, silver and black hair like a thin veil over her face for the most part, loose strands running along her shoulders and down her back. Her body, though it had a feminine shape, was mostly bony and it had a wraith-like quality about it that was all the more obvious whenever she moved. That, combined with her pure white, body-hugging leather dress made her seem not only out of place but also malignant in some strange, subtle manner. That was, perhaps, one of the reasons that many found her company uneasy.

“This girl seems different from the others. I’ll have to keep an especially close eye on this one.”

* * *

Aya decided to let Yuki relax for a while, taking her to a terrace that had an incredible view of the garden that awed so many guests to Agincourt. They sat above the beautiful vale of lotuses far to the east of the garden, servants having prepared refreshments and a light meal for the two of them. The two of them shared an expensive bottle of Italian red wine over some sashimi. Yuki sat in awe of the garden, watching as the lotuses – and the neighboring lilies – swayed in the gentle breeze. The garden seemed so quiet, as did the two young women on the terrace looking down on the assortment of flowers below. There was a sparkle in Aya’s eyes as she studied Yuki’s serenity and calm, the delicate enchantments of her beauty only adding to the appearance. Aya took a deep, long sip of the wine, letting the taste linger as smiled as she picked up a slice of maguro with her chopsticks. It was then that she noticed Yuki seemed to be looking at something.

“What are you looking at?” she asked before she took a sip of her wine.

“I just noticed that there’s an abstract design on the table’s surface.” Yuki answered.

“I know. It was something I had included. This is my private terrace, after all.” Aya answered. She moved a little closer to Yuki, leaning in. “The design is of two women in a passionate, loving kiss. Can you tell? Take a closer look.” Aya then stood up, placing herself behind Yuki. “Let me point it out to you.”

Yuki blushed profusely as she felt Aya’s breasts pressing on her back. Yuki found that the both of their bodies leaned slightly forward due to Aya’s gentle push. The Tsujimoto beauty took Yuki by the hand and held it tightly but gently, guiding it along the surface of the table to trace the figure of a woman. They could feel each other’s warmth, the sense of disruptive intimacy between them. Yuki trembled as she felt Aya brush her nose against her hair, the rich girl taking a whiff of the scent in the strands before she gently brushed them away. Yuki’s eyes closed as she felt Aya’s touch warm to her, their bodies moving closer to one another. They’d begun to invade each other’s personal space but neither of them seemed to mind. Aya then moved to hold Yuki’s other hand, guiding both hands as they traced the abstract figures on the table to the point where both bodies met. Both their hands met at that point as well, Aya slipping her hand between Yuki’s. It stayed there only for a moment as Yuki wriggled a little, as if she realized what was going on.

“You seem to have a passion for women being romantic…intimate with other women.”

“It’s a passion of mine, if I had to confess.” Aya said as she knelt down and embraced Yuki from behind, leaning her head on Yuki’s shoulder. “I have a feeling that…this is a passion of yours as well.”

End Chapter 4, Part 1


Now, this might be the last SNA2: Yuki chapter for a while. I'm currently engaged into a larger project and a minor fanfic I've been suckered into by someone I know and is dear to me. Rest assured, I plan to finish this story. Just...not a priority right now, which is a bad sign. The original was, at the time, my biggest priority that resulted in it becoming what it became. I'm taking a break from the sequel both to focus on something else and also to let my mind wander a bit, develop ideas for this. So...there.

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