And though I had slain a thousand foes less one,
The thousandth knife found my liver;
The thousandth enemy said to me,
'Now you shall die,
Now none shall know.'
And the fool, looking down, believed this,
Not seeing, above his shoulders, the naked stars,
Each one remembering.
--John M. Ford, The Final Reflection

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"The only thing I was fit for was to be a writer, and this rested solely on my suspicion that I would never be fit for real work, and that writing didn't require any." - Russel Baker

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Little Things You Learn

You know, being unemployed (again) has given me a bit of perspective. I have come to realize a few minor, trivial, insignificant little things about life that, for reasons I cannot fathom, actually amuse me. I don’t know why I am seeking amusement, but then, I guess having someone very close to you die can have you doing some crazy things. Here are ten of those little things I discovered.

1. It may be job suicide to reveal the ineptitude and stupidity of your boss in Intelligraph, but damn it doing that feels good.

2. The aircon in the NBI clearance office in Carriedo is colder than the aircon in Intelligraph. It is roughly on par with a school aircon.

3. The reason my blog’s design is so dismal is that I’m far too lazy to do anything about it.

4. Nuns are more corrupt that priests. Particularly Dominican ones.

5. Sometimes, you watch the best animé for the dumbest reasons. Like watching a sci-fi show with a nice plot like Divergence Eve or Starship Operators for the sexy female cast.

6. It is possible to download videos from YouTube. It is also possible to convert them to a file format that can actually be watched on a standard PC. I should have discovered this earlier, but I was too lazy to even consider the idea.

7. I have a tendency to be attracted to girls who have the ability and resources to kill me. Said girls also tend to be attracted to me.

8. Cats are superior to dogs. Let no one tell you otherwise.

9. The odds of any given thing happening will likely end up being someone’s phone number. For example, the chances of any girl from my alma mater caring about how I’m doing and actually checking on me are 639,178,871,984 to 1, which turns out to be someone’s cellphone number if you exclude the ‘to 1’ bit.

10. An adequately cute girl can instantly make any situation better.


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