And though I had slain a thousand foes less one,
The thousandth knife found my liver;
The thousandth enemy said to me,
'Now you shall die,
Now none shall know.'
And the fool, looking down, believed this,
Not seeing, above his shoulders, the naked stars,
Each one remembering.
--John M. Ford, The Final Reflection

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"The only thing I was fit for was to be a writer, and this rested solely on my suspicion that I would never be fit for real work, and that writing didn't require any." - Russel Baker

Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm Bored. Sue Me.

First, let's get rid of the useless trite in my head:

If you look up EduNara on Google, the fourth result is my post on it. Funny, that.

If you look up Intelligraph Corporation on Google, my entire July 2007 Archive pops up on the first page of results.

Finally, I'm thinking of setting up a separate blog as an archive for my new story idea, but the chances of my finishing that story are relatively minimal. Still, I guess having an online archive that's in the public eye would be a mild motivation for updated writing.

Not really a whole lot to talk about in this entry. Just needed something to take my mind off of Darkness & Stars for a bit, 'tis all. Besides, updating my links to other sites/blogs sort of got me into this mood.

Oh, and this:


chard bolisay said...

EDUNARA! hahahaha. lagut baka ipapa-FBI ka na nila! hahaha. grabe galing din pala ako dun. bwiset sila.

spongebabe said...

ako din, galing ng edunara before lumagpat sa intelligraph. ain't that sweet?

i see you put Maddox's page in your blog roll. ain't he sweet? hehe.

thanks for putting me on your blog roll. ^_^