And though I had slain a thousand foes less one,
The thousandth knife found my liver;
The thousandth enemy said to me,
'Now you shall die,
Now none shall know.'
And the fool, looking down, believed this,
Not seeing, above his shoulders, the naked stars,
Each one remembering.
--John M. Ford, The Final Reflection

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I Really Like This Show...

Waiting for episode 4 of School Days to get subbed was like Hell, really. However,the wait was worth it. I have to admit that I had my doubts about just how much I was going to enjoy this show, particularly since it seemed to have a more comedy-themed style than the original game. Still, I've found the show to be likable so far, particularly because the characters don't seem to have deviated that far from their original incarnations.

For some reason, I have a feeling that this is going to be more like Summer Days than School Days, which means no violent endings and Makoto's not a complete and total jerk, but let's hope I'm proven wrong. I have a good feeling I will be, considering just how much of a tool and an idiot he's been so far.

Initially, I actually disliked Sekai. But now that I've had a chance to go through her route and watch the show, I have to admit that I sympathize with her a lot more. Granted, I think she still made a mistake of moving in on Makoto while he was with Kotonoha, but I blame him more for letting her get that close. Quite frankly, I've had enough time to find all of the girls in the game to be sympathetic and likable, even the ones that bullied Kotonoha. However, I honestly can't bring myself to even tolerate Makoto.

I swear, the show should end with the bridge scene, but modified so that Kotonoha cuts Makoto's neck.

That'd be much better.

So far, let's recap.

Sekia helps Makoto get closer to Kotonoha.

Setsuna suspects something is going on between Sekai and Makoto.

Nobody seems to know about Kotonoha and Makoto.

Kotonoha is really having trouble adjusting to Makoto's idiocy.

Makoto is moving way too fast.

Sekai's just this close to outright seducing Makoto, whether she knows it or not.

Why do I have a feeling this is going to end badly? Or maybe that's just my inner Marquis de Sade talking, I don't know. I do know I like Kotonoha, Kokoro, and Sekai, though. Kotonoha's still my favorite character, though Sekai's a close second. Kokoto's just adorable, even if she is jailbait.

Not much else to say right now, so I'll end this with a picture.

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